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Two days left to get your print and see it signed live by me!! Link in bio, hope to see you this Sunday, Dec 4th @ 3pm on IG Live!

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One of the best perks of streaming is inadvertently inspiring folks to create art. @ErinTenelle@twitter.com is a valued member of my community and I'm always grateful that they're there.

LOVE THIS, ERIN! ❤️❤️💪💪 100% chuckles when you're here!

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@HannahBeard_VO@twitter.com and I joked about the "Chuckles" percentage of @JuneYoon_@twitter.com as he's very mischievous in his streams, and I think we figured it out...!


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After 2 years, I can finally share that I am TESS in the new @NeedforSpeed@twitter.com: Unbound by @EA@twitter.com & @CriterionGames@twitter.com!!! 🥹😍🤩

I am so thankful for @AtlasTalent@twitter.com, my incredible director Tom Keegan, EA, Criterion & my insanely talented fellow cast!

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Cluracan tests the grappling hook on The Eclair to get Lisette out of a tight jam! Chapter 5 - Rats & Rapscallions is available to listen now: apple.co/rapscallionagencypod

@RealmMedia@twitter.com @ToddHaberkorn@twitter.com

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Tonight on


Do you see what I see? There are two more things like that in this area.

Also, on a journey to 90/90 all archers, and scouring all of Sumeru for treasure chests!

At 5pm Pacific!

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✨🔥 YA GIRL'S IN A @MARVEL@twitter.com GAME!!! 🔥✨

You can hear me as one of the Hydra Mystics in ! 💚🖤

Thank you @midnightsuns@twitter.com @2K@twitter.com @FiraxisGames@twitter.com for having me, and @AtlasTalent@twitter.com for making this happen! I love the world of Marvel and am so grateful I got to join it! 🥹

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Oh yes! I'm in PATH TO NOWHERE as the English voice for Macchiato and I LOVE HER. (Not a type I voice often, but it's fun voicing sensual characters with whips...😅) Plus, she's another red head. 😘❤️

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🐼 Role Announcement! 🐊

The first couple episodes of Lil Wild Season 3 are out, which means you'll be able to hear me as Jai the Red Panda and Brobi the Alligator!

Big thanks to @tribeaudioMY@twitter.com and @AzmanZulkiplyVA@twitter.com for having me aboard! twitter.com/AzmanZulkiplyVA/st

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Absolutely thrilled to be represented by @SBVTalent@twitter.com for VO. 🎙✨

It's been such a wonderful first few months with this amazing team.

Every single person I’ve met has been consistently helpful, kind, and organized. I can't imagine a better team to get to work with. 😊

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Y'all may have heard there was a trans character in the news @NeedforSpeed@twitter.com. Well...

IT'S ME! I'm the voice of Justicia in NFS: Unbound! To not only see a Latina trans woman in a AAA video game written so well, but to be chosen to be her voice... It's such an honor, man😍😍😍

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Son Heung-min's game by numbers vs. Portugal:

◉ Most shots (5)
◉ Most chances created (3)
◉ Most take-ons attempted (5)
◉ Most touches in opp. box (9)
◎ 8 x possession won
◎ 5 passes into opp. box
◎ 2 shots on target
◎ 1 assist

Cheers, Son's crying. 🥹

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“Dreamers” by JUNGKOOK was being played after South Korea won against Portugal!


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Here's dubbing supervisor Stephanie Sheh (@stephaniesheh@twitter.com) on maintaining an entirely AAPI dub cast for the English version!

We were proud to put this together with our longtime collaborators at @nyav_post@twitter.com and can't wait for you to see it in theaters. ❤️

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Meet the English dub cast of NEW GODS: YANG JIAN! ✨

Nicholas Andrew Louie (@WhoisNAL@twitter.com) - Yang Jian
Luke Naphat Sath (@SathLuke@twitter.com) - Chenxiang
Parry Shen (@parryshen@twitter.com) - Master Yuding
Christine Lin - Wanluo
James Sie (@SieJames@twitter.com)- Shen Gongbao

💫 NewGodsYangJian.com

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There's a lot that actors can learn from simply observing the process.

@CoryYee@twitter.com is an undoubtably phenomenal actor, and soaking up his processes on characterization and approach to putting down those takes would be immensely helpful to all who attend.

Tomorrow at 12pm Pacific! twitter.com/StudioNPC_/status/

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Exciting news! My retro-inspired steampunk fantasy game with life and dating sim elements called Forlorn Memories is coming to !

Sign up on Forlorn Memories' pre-launch page to be notified when it goes live: kickstarter.com/projects/forlo

| |

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16th...! Oooooh....

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the japanese lucky list for 2023! the smaller your number, the more lucky you will be 🍀 (check thread!)

1st place -58th place

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I would also like to volunteer my services. 😤

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To all my fellow female voice actors who get these sorts of requests please forward them to me and I will give you something like this to send back like I just did for Bri.

Be better you infantile pieces of shit. twitter.com/briannanoellek/sta

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