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I’m enormously proud to say that I directed the English dub for “The Files of Young Kindaichi” (now streaming on Hulu). Thank you to @calebyen@twitter.com, @YuukLuna@twitter.com, @TheHowardWang@twitter.com, @keongsim@twitter.com, and the entire cast for making my job so easy

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Week 2 of the Closing Credits "Applied ADR" class is wrapped, and boy are the actors in the groove already!

John Wang directing & Tony Wijs in the engineer's chair, with me manning the class recording and supporting all involved - this is turning out to be a class of incredible value!

Below is a screenshot of the layout in OBS I created to capture all the necessary goings-on.

I'll be forever grateful of having 5 monitors to work with! 😂

Further to the Closing Credits holiday sale post (see: mastodon.actor/@June/109565009)

This $5-off sale can end up saving you big!

Our Voice Acting 101 class is normally $150, but would be $100 with this discount.

And our flagship "Applied ADR" class is a 50 credit course, so $750 normally, but would only be $500 with this sale.

Credits don't have to be spent immediately either, and don't expire - so you could buy now & use them later in 2023!

See closingcredits.com/courses for more class info :)

Even though the whole "I Voted" thing isn't really done here in Aus, I still like to take stock of being able to have a say in my State / Country's way forward.

Now one just has to wait for another week to see whether sanity or hysteria will be at the wheel in my State for the next 4 years (at least)... 🤞


These are on sale for 19$ (normally 119$) and it will allow you to hookup your XLR mic to your iPhone or iPad and still use your headphones (with a 3.5mm jack)

It works great and makes it a lot easier to record on those devices.

So, Neth has finally arrived in the 'fediverse' - suprirsed it didn't happen sooner! So much for the "early adopter" they used to be haha

Aaaaand I'd consider that a successful (and successfully lame) first toot!

Hey all!


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