Burger Mississippi Queen here, reporting on the sublime poignancy of this delicious satiric tweet. Mmmmm-mmm-MMM!

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FIND YOUR NAME IN 'MURICAN BABEYYY 💥💥🗣️🦅🍻🍻🍻🏈🇺🇸 twitter.com/Dxxnly/status/1618

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✨Day 1✨
Commemoration of Version 3.4 Update!
Twitter Event - Set 3

How to Participate:
① Follow @GenshinImpact@twitter.com
② Retweet this post
And you can instantly receive the event results!

Event Rules: hoyo.link/9fhkBBAd

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the many faces of @CoryYee@twitter.com, done for sarah's best of 2022 video! i'll add a timestamped version of the video!! corm just had to be included. youtu.be/cI9bHWjU0BM?t=1543

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I'm gonna need your help, folks.

In Teyvat, in 3.4, are there any enemies that don't aggro when a Baron Bunny is thrown next to them?

I remember the side quest Fatui NPCs in the Chasm. Or the Fatui on the Summer islands. Something like that. xD Thank you so much!

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🚨 SUBMISSIONS CLOSE TOMORROW!🚨 We're looking for stories by immigrant and diaspora writers that are <5,000 words. Payment is $0.10/word. Send in your stories while you still can! More info: khoreomag.com/submissions-fict

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SEE? I *knew* @brookchalmersvo@twitter.com was a BEAST! Instead of finishing early and *IMMEDIATELY* going for the ice cream like I did! 😆😆

Thank you Brook! Your expertise, wisdom, and guidance for voice actors were invaluable, and your stories were sublime. We appreciate you!

Tonight on

I am equipped with:
- a glass of milk
- two ice cream bars
- series of questions for @brookchalmersvo@twitter.com
- sheer will and resolve of a thousand warriors

Streaming in 10 minutes! 🔥🔥🔥

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@brookchalmersvo@twitter.com is a lot of things: a father, an actor, a director... a spicy food enthusiast.

Join us as I interview Brook while we enjoy the burning of our intestines.

- Buldak 2x Spicy
- Five drops of Da Bomb

It all happens tonight at 5pm Pacific.🔥

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I'm so incredibly honored to be back as in season 2 of ! This is probably my favorite arc of the story and I'm so excited to help bring Thorfinn's  journey of restoration and atonement to life!

Season 2 is live now on @Crunchyroll@twitter.com ⚔️⚔️⚔️

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Burbank residents!! Rent control is part of the city council discussion tomorrow night. If this is something you’d like to see implemented or have other thoughts on tenant protections pls make your voice heard because they need to hear from you twitter.com/dsa_losangeles/sta

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I'm hoping he'll say "Ancient alchemy truly is fascinating!" while in spicy pain 😆

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Hey actors! 😊

Follow me for opportunities, advice, or networking? Give @StudioNanoCo@twitter.com a follow!

You'll be able to find that content there, as I begin to focus this account on my own acting. Break a leg! 🎭

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2022 is over, & it's time for taxes! Maximize your deductions and minimize your liability. You are a business and your expenses qualify.💪

@ValkyrieRaevyn@twitter.com is my CPA and many have already benefitted from her expertise and advice.

Sign up on Wed 2/1 at 9am Pacific!

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This hard right or wrong thing for basic content creation is bullshit.

If you're starting out; basic, simple hardware is perfect for one LEARNING a craft. It's affordable & you won't have to drop an unnecessary amount of money if you DON'T want to keep pursuing content creation. twitter.com/tessa_vt/status/16

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Yes and No.

USB mics are an accessibility option, just not a quality one. The technology for them improves over time but there is an objective difference that XLR has that makes it superior *ONCE YOU ARE PURSUING A GENUINE PROFESSIONAL SETUP*.

You just need to be aware of that. twitter.com/tessa_vt/status/16

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🚨 SUBMISSIONS CLOSE TOMORROW!🚨 We're looking for stories by immigrant and diaspora writers that are <5,000 words. Payment is $0.10/word. Send in your stories now! More info: khoreomag.com/submissions-fict

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