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We are looking for a Voice Actor for RONIN OF OKANE trailer, a cyberpunk/fantasy graphic novel.

Put your showreel in the comment or share with your actor friends!

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"Actually, acting is about truth."

@mileyyamamoto@twitter.com (pronounced Mee-lay) plays Butcher Rose in Borderlands 3, Tomoe in Ghost of Tsushima, and more. And in my opinion, that quote is the center-most core of what we're all trying to do.

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Casting Call 🎙️ (Paid)
I am currently looking for 1 female & 1 male voice actor for my upcoming video game Forlorn Memories.

Please read the file below for more information:

Thank you for your time.🙇

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New year, new you; and that might mean you want to finally get around to creating a website promoting your , but you're not too sure on where to start.

Introducing my new ✨FREE Voice Actor Template 2.0 using Carrd!✨

DEMO: e65e81c7866147f2.demo.carrd.co

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