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Time to share my demo here!

Need a hero leading an army? A cocky engineer in the wrong place? A crazed ghoul ready to devour souls? Something else? Then I might just fit your role.

Email :
Website :
Mixer / Writer : MengVangVO

I turned my volume wayyyy up to listen to an audio file to hear any background noise... Forgot and threw on a video... Ears are now mildly ringing haha.....

My wife and I are celebrating our 10th year anniversary. Going to a revolving yakiniku / sushi bar. Doing some Karaoke. And maybe some Round 1 to try and win some BTS plushies.

AI Art : It is the same as stealing someone's idea, calling it your own, and then undercutting the original.

If artists could be paid fairly somehow for their contributions to the AI it would be a different story...

For a voice actor it would be the same as someone ripping your voice from audition samples online and training a text to speech app or something with your voice without your permission and then not paying you at all for that tech.

I want to do auditions but I caught a cold... Always thought it would be cool though to voice act while hoarse lol... My voice gets super deep and raspy.

Big news! My steampunk fantasy retro inspired role-playing game Forlorn Memories is coming to Kickstarter!

Sign up on Forlorn Memories' pre-launch page to be notified when it goes live:

#indiegame | #gamedev | #rpg | #forlornmemories

I have a love hate relationship with Duolingo. I love the free lessons... But the repetition is a bit much... I need something to shake up what I am doing on there haha... I got to play a role in this RPG! Its a small part but it is my first official video game role.

It was a small but fun role. But I have an IMDb credit with my name on it. Super excited!

I need a break after thanksgiving break… good times with family but oh so tired…

Epidemic sound is running a deal. First month free + 75% off your next two months for new subscribers. It’s a great way to get started with the service.

I am a real person now not a logo haha... Finally got around to taking some form of picture of myself...

Just used it to make a bunch of TikTok duets from my iPhone

Gotta sneak that shameless self promo in...

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These are on sale for 19$ (normally 119$) and it will allow you to hookup your XLR mic to your iPhone or iPad and still use your headphones (with a 3.5mm jack)

It works great and makes it a lot easier to record on those devices.

don’t be afraid to often. When you boost you bring a lot more visibility to others content. If I follow you I see all you and your servers content in my federated search but nothing beyond that. If you boost someone from a server I have no connections with it helps me see content outside my circle and can help me discover more great creators. If I then follow them I now see their servers content as well in my federated search. It is super helpful to grow networks.

#Mastodon tip: #favourite is similar to ‘like’ but it’s private: only the toot author sees it. Nobody can get a list of your likes. It’s like giving them a thumbs-up. If you think other people would like to see it, then you can #Boost it and then everyone who follows you can see it too! ❤️

what’s a role type that you absolutely love to do?

Mine is characters that you are meant to hate. Some evil nature inside me wants to get out and I now have an outlet haha.

Hope this is helpful, but thought I would explain my understanding of how Mastodon servers work in MS Paint. I am no expert on this but I wanted to at least share my understanding to help others make a better decision.

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