[Post-Stream Selfie]

Wholehearted thank yous to all who joined me on my 10 hour “short stream” Sumeru adventure thru the ENTIRE Fabulous Fungus Frenzy last night! We ’d till 4am & it was worth it!
I miss our shroomie buddies already!
Wonderful memories!
♡ G

Feeling humbly proud to introduce myself and connect with so many across different platforms.
Seeing the positive light to the swirl of uncertainty around us.
Ello (again)~
I’m Grace! Grateful to be on the journeys I have been and have begun. Humbled by the kind support from so many.
Finishing 2022 strong with big goals for 2023 in personal life, Voice Acting, and persevering in all life has in store!
Remember to be kind and patient with yourselves and everyone around you!
♡ G


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