Hey - Want to record but don't quite have a grip on all the ins-and-outs? Well, let's fix that!
NOTE: This is an INTERMEDIATE level class. You will be expected to have Audacity/Reaper and know how to record basic audio. Beginner level is in the works.😁
Sign up at hulahulamoocow.com/class

Is it me or is it really difficult to find people on Mastodon? Like, I can't search for them IN mastodon I have to google them to find their username/server.

Testing something! Can we post pure audio files? And if so, how well/badly are they compressed? (This is a "meet the characters" style audio for an Audiobook - Drachen 2: In the City)

I have been trying to get my hands on one of these for a LONG time. ^_^

Oh, good! Mastodon has a light mode! Hello, everyone. ^_^


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